Pressure pipe rehabilitation for utility companies

Safe access to water, gas and oil rests on pipeline networks. Water and gas even arrive in homes this way directly.

Use and time wear on pipes and push the pipe material to the limits of its life and durability.

With Primus Line® utility companies have a trenchless technology for rehabilitation at their disposal that facilitates a speedy recommissioning while only requiring little space and minimal machine employment.

This means shorter interruption of supply, less disruptions to traffic and a significantly lower environmental impact.

Primus Line® provides a product life of at least 50 years.

Benefits for utility companies with Primus Line®

Comprehensive range of products and services

  • Nominal widths from 6 inches
  • Bend flexibility up to 45 degree
  • Realized installation lengths from 33 to 8,200 feet
  • Short service interruptions and quick recommissioning
  • Rehabilitation method with annulus
  • No impregnation, curing, glueing or thermal treatment of the liner after installation
  • Independent from material and pipe connection
  • Production, engineering and assembly from one source

Tested quality and robustness

  • High abrasion and cut resistance of the outer layer
  • Complete absorption of the inner pressure by the liner
  • Continuous quality control of all processes from production to assembly

Technical upgrade

  • Extension of service life of at least 50 years
  • Targeted reduction of cross-sections for stagnation prevention

Protection of environment and surroundings

  • Small construction pits
  • Minimal machine employment
  • Little disruption to traffic

Specific benefits for water utility companies

  • Certified and controlled according to DVGW Technical Standard W 270 and KTW-Guideline for the application in drinking water supply
  • Liner with proven negative pressure stability

Specific benefits for gas utility companies

  • Certified, controlled and approved with DVGW type examination certificate according to DVGW Technical Rule VP 643

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