Fire water mains are critical assets of an industrial complex such as chemical plants and refineries since they have high standard safety regulations.

In aging plants, however, the operation of these fire water mains is often affected by corrosion and pipe degradation. Failure can have catastrophic consequences, making maintenance of these assets indispensable. The rehabilitation of fire water mains often poses great challenges for the operator: High pressure rates of up to 232 psi, accessibility of the line through overlapping with other pipes and power cables, encasement in concrete and, above all, safety regulations during the renovation make the work significantly more difficult.

A short downtime is important to continue with the operations of the plant. Primus Line® can help to minimize these hurdles: Short installation times with minimal space requirements as well as small construction pits, high operating pressures of the liner, which are accommodated independently of the old host pipe, and at the same time small consistent wall thickness of the lining material represent the ideal system for the renovation of critical infrastructure such as fire water mains. Primus Line® has already proven its advantages in this area.

Challenges for operators, advantages of trenchless methods and realised projects

When rehabilitating fire water mains, operators are confronted with both technical and economic challenges. Which are these and what are the advantages that trenchless systems offer?

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Trenchless methods are a recipe for success in the rehabilitation of fire water mains. Which ingredients are involved and in which projects has Primus Line® already proven its benefits?

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