In order to install a new potable water pipe under a water way, HDD can be a suitable method. However, if there is already an existing pipe that is in need of renovation, significant cost and time savings can be realized by using relining methods like Primus Line®.

By using the existing conduit, geotechnical and hydrogeological issues are eliminated and construction risk is minimized. These pipes are often characterized by long lengths with multiple bends in the route of the pipe and accessibility is on either side of the water way. The benefit of rehabilitation utilizing the Primus Line® system combines the advantage of using the existing conduit, the lining material's capability to traverse around bends and also being installed in long lengths.

To learn more, on how the Primus Line® system was used to renovate a HDPE pipe with a length of 4,068 feet running underneath the Baltic Sea, please take a look at our case study. Another example from Belgium shows the renovation of a 24 inch pipe crossing the river Schelde. In this case the pipe is located in a shaft.

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