Increased volume for cooling water pipeline

Steel production requires continuous and reliable supply of water, for example for cooling processes. Since a 70-year old asbestos cement water pipeline in Monterrey in Mexico lost 13 liters per second and already had for several years, operator Ternium decided to rehabilitate it with Primus Line®.

Ternium is one of the main industries that provide specialized steels for daily use in homes as well as in the automotive and white goods industries in much of the world. In their processes, the use of water is essential for cooling their final products. For the supply of the necessary amount of water, a hydraulic installation in oppressive conditions is indispensable. The water supply source is located at a distance of four kilometers and the respective asbestos-cement pipe dating from 1951 had considerable damage.

The options Ternium had for the repair of the pipeline were limited: The largest part of it runs along main high-traffic highways with a continuous flow of cars in the municipality of Monterrey Nuevo León. Carrying out excavations for its rehabilitation would have generated severe impacts on traffic. Another 315-meter long part of the pipe passes under the property of a company.

After reviewing different alternatives for the rehabilitation of the damaged pipeline, ACE DuraFlo De Mexico proposed to Ternium the rehabilitation with the trenchless technology of Primus Line®. Its seamless flexible aramid-reinforced high-pressure liner, fast installation speed and minimal invasive footprint granted little disturbance of surrounding residential life during the construction phase. After several meetings and open discussion between all parties, the Primus Line® system was finally selected for this difficult project, also because it can be installed through 45-degree bends.

ACE prepared the construction site, cleaned the asbestos cement pipeline, CCTV-inspected it and stated its free inner diameter. After that, the 12-inch liner with an overall length of 1,250 meters was pulled in in totally seven sections of 287, 302, 315, 220, 33, 37 and 56 meters. Having equipped the liner with termination fittings and after passing the pressure tests, the line was reconnected to the Ternium facility after a total working time of two weeks.

By means of the rehabilitation, the flow was increased to 40 liters per second.

The pipeline operator commented with satisfaction:

„“Without a doubt, the rehabilitation of that pipeline is a very important milestone for everyone, since it was a problem for several years and constitutes a beneficial solution for the conservation and care of water.”“

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