Quick supply of Primus Line® technology for North America

The cooperation with distribution partner MTC enables Raedlinger Primus Line to realise a quicker and smoother supply of their products in North America. All Primus Line® products that formerly had to be imported from Germany for each individual project are now stored in the MTC warehouse in Batesville, Mississippi.

The whole Primus Line product portfolio for water applications is available: low and medium pressure liners from 6 to 20 inches, Primus Line® Overland Piping liners with diameters of 12 and 14 inches as well as the corresponding connectors. Moreover, the warehouse holds all necessary installation and spare tools such as hydraulic pumps, pressing cylinders, scrapers and plungers.

MTC has already completed the first deliveries of Primus Line® materials to customers in North America and Canada from the Batesville warehouse: More than 60,000 feet of Primus Liner and about 200 connectors have been shipped since March.

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