Since the early 1990s water consumption in most industrial nations has dropped significantly.

Water pipelines often are older and have been designed for higher capacities. The result: Flow velocity in the pipes is decreasing. If it becomes too low the water possibly stands still for too long. Particularly for drinking water pipelines high hygiene standards apply, however.

A targeted reduction of a pipe’s cross-section can remedy the situation. With volume staying the same a reduced diameter increases the flow velocity and prevents deposits.

Primus Line® is perfectly suited for cross-sectional reduction. The line is statically self-supporting and is not glued to the host pipe. Thus, its diameter can be chosen independently such that flow velocity is in an ideal balance with the required line capacity. A liner by Primus Line with DN 200 can readily be deployed in a DN 300 host pipe.

For installation two existing access points to the pressure pipe or small construction pits with little space requirements suffice. This way supply is restored very rapidly.

Positive side effect: The service life of the drinking water pipeline is extended by at least 50 years with Primus Line®.

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