Some substances pose a considerable hazard for the environment. Nevertheless, their transport through pipelines cannot be avoided in some cases.

However, safety requirements in these cases are especially high. In order to satisfy them the concept of “double containment” is highly recommended. It is easily described as “pipe in pipe”. In the event that the inner pipe takes damage there is still another pipe around that collects the leaking fluid and keeps it from spilling into the environment.

Primus Line® offers numerous advantages over conventional pipes in this application area. The installation of the liner into a pressure pipeline is easier and faster. Lengths of up to 2,500 metres in one pull are possible, even in line layouts with bends of up to 45 degrees.

With its reinforcement made of aramid fabric the liner is self-supporting and accommodates the entire operating pressure. Thereby it can fulfill the function of a pressure pipe completely independently. With its material composition, especially the inner layer optimised for the transported medium, Primus Line® is tremendously durable and reaches a product life of at least 50 years.

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