DN 300 water pipes at Van Don Bridge

Across three bridges in Vietnam



Application area


Line type

Water main




Van Don Island


Network operator Quang Ninh Water Company (QUAWACO) is operating a DN 300 steel water main located underneath and inside a bridge construction to supply Van Don Island. The three individual bridges have a length of 410 m, 170 m and 270 m, and the pipes were originally installed in 2002 at the same time when the bridge was constructed. Because of corrosion and in order to secure the water quality, the network operator decided to perform preventative maintenance on these steel pipes. The goal of the renovation works was to elongate their life span and secure the water supply.

Special features


Complex accessibility of the steel pipe underneath the bridges and inside a box girder

Training and excution in the same week

A Primus Line instructor performed a local training for QUAWACO in two working days. During the same week, the network operator renovated the first bridge under the instructor’s supervision.

Technical details

Material of host pipe

Steel, unlined

Diameter of host pipe

DN 300

Transported fluid

Potable water

Operating pressure

6 bar

Total length

840 m

Number of sections

3 sections with 410, 170 and 270 m

Number of bends

Multiple bends

Installation time

3 weeks

Verwendetes System

Why Primus Line®?

Small investment

Only small investment in necessary tools and on-site know-how transfer and supervising


Pipe located in box girder with difficult access and multiple bends

Accommodate dilatation of steel pipe

Ability to accommodate dilatation of steel host pipe since Primus Liner is installed with annulus space

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