Mild steel DN 400 freshwater main

First installation of Primus Line® in China’s west ensures supply with freshwater



Application area


Line type

Water main






Throughout the years, operator Kunming CGE Water has set up many analysis methods to observe water loss in its network. They regularly perform leak detection and inspection of their entire pipeline infrastructure including valves and water meters. Thus, they have successfully managed to reduce water loss.

To ensure the supply of quality drinking water, Kunming CGE Water has opted to use cost effective preventative maintenance. Since 2014, they have completed a series of rehabilitation projects using trenchless technology like sliplining. For this freshwater provision system, Primus Line® was selected

Special features

Location of the host pipe

The host pipe was completely encased in concrete, making excavation difficult without risking further damage to the bridge construction.

Local and remote monitoring of the installation

Supervision by local engineers on site and remotely by technical staff in Germany

Short installation time

The pipe had to be returned to service within a very short period of time

Technical details

Material of host pipe

Mild steel

Diameter of host pipe

DN 400

Transported fluid


Operating pressure

3 bar

Total length

31 m

Number of sections

1 installation section

Number of bends

Several bends up to 45°

Installation time

10 hours (start insertion to finish)

Why Primus Line®?

Extremely short installation time

Small space requirements

Ability to pass through a number of 45-degree bends

High quality and more than 50 years of life expectancy

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