20 years of Primus Line

... stand for 25 years of developer spirit!

An idea in 1996 was followed five years later by the founding of Rädlinger primus line GmbH. In between, there was a lot of developer spirit, passion and determination.

The 20th company anniversary shows: Primus Line has grown up – still an innovative product, but mature and at home all over the world! The last two decades have been characterised by expansion and growth: new sales markets, new subsidiaries, new products for new areas of application.

A trend that will continue to determine the future of Primus Line. For the ageing infrastructure around the globe and efforts for more sustainability and environmental protection are increasing demand and opening up new areas of application.

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100 employees

5 locations

1,500 projects

„I am proud of what we have achieved. We have developed a unique product and established our name with waterworks, network operators, oil companies and in the industry.
And that's because we're always on the ball - always developing our company, our production and our product for additional areas of application and for our customers.“

Werner Rädlinger

Primus Line Roadmap


Primus Line is a team effort

Employees, business partners, customers, associations - many people have contributed to the success of Primus Line. We asked them about their experiences, memories, wishes and the significance of Primus Line.

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Our anniversary stories

How did it all begin? What was it like back then? And how is Primus Line heading into the future? Here you will find blog posts, interviews and reports about the 20th anniversary of Primus Line.

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