Behind the scenes – From the Primus Line warehouse in Chammünster into the whole world

Michaela Baumann - The Warehouse Professional has been working at Primus Line for six months now in the warehouse in Chammünster. In the interview, she reveals what she likes particularly about her work and the Primus Line team and why almost every product delivered by Primus Line passes her hands.

Flat hierarchies and short coordination paths enable the reliable order processing that excels Primus Line®. Our sales colleagues maintain close contact to you as our partners and customers. Therefore, you know them very well. But also behind the scenes, many employees work for the smooth progression of your projects. This begins with the development and production of our products and ends with shipping or installation. This series will portrait those people in the background who contribute with plenty of know-how and dedication to a solid team performance.

This time, Warehouse Professional Michaela Baumann reveals that almost every Primus Line product passes her hands and what she likes particularly about her work in the warehouse.


Michaela, since when have you been working for Primus Line and which are your tasks?

I have been with Primus Line for six months now and I work in the warehouse in Chammünster (about six kilometres from our headquarters in Cham). Here, we accept goods and check their quality. Then we pick them either directly for the customers or take them on stock. For dispatch, we will load the goods. Moreover, it is here where the liners are folded into U-shape.

This means that perhaps each of our customers had already something in their hands that you packed?

Everything delivered from us to our customers passed either my hands or those of a colleague. Each of our products enters our warehouse, is re-checked here, packed and loaded.

What does such a check look like?

I use a check log that I have to complete accurately. On a drawing of the product, I see the respective measuring points and the exact measures. Then I verify them. For Primus Line, it is very important that everything fits precisely – the liner has at least partly to withstand high pressure and nonetheless be tight. Therefore, we are not the only ones who review, this also happens at other points in production.

And if something is not correct?

Then we will confer first, for example with Product Designer Martina Bauer (read the corresponding interview). If deviation is still within tolerance, she will release the product. If deviation is too large, it will be withdrawn.

You are collaborating with five men here in the warehouse. How is this for a young woman?

(Laughing) This is no problem. The working atmosphere is great, not only in the warehouse, but in the entire company. We are working hand in hand, everyone is supporting the other, if necessary. If, for example, we pack a piece of liner that is too short to roll it up mechanically: Then we will cooperate to roll it into the transport box.

Then you enjoy working at Primus Line?

Yes, particularly because no day is like any other. There is a great variety of work. And new challenges, such like driving a fork-lift truck. I have passed the licence for it recently. It is also exciting that I, here at the warehouse in Chammünster, contribute to deliveries for the whole world.

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