Behind the scenes – Quality Manager Susanne Müller

Flat hierarchies and short coordination paths enable the reliable order processing that excels Primus Line®. Our sales colleagues maintain close contact to you as our partners and customers. Therefore, you know them very well. But also behind the scenes, many employees work for the smooth progression of your projects. This begins with the development and production of our products and ends with shipping or installation. This series will portrait those people in the background who contribute with plenty of know-how and dedication to a solid team performance.

This time, Quality Manager Susanne Müller talks with us about her field of activities and the interlocking of quality management and quality assurance.

Susanne, since when have you been working for Primus Line?

I started working with Primus Line on 1 February 2019, so I have been in the company for a bit more than a year now.

Which are your tasks in quality management?

The tasks are very versatile, which I like a lot.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. This quality management standard is the basis for my work: to ensure that Primus Line meets all requirements of this standard and the demands of our customers on our quality management system. But that is not all. Quality management is about continuously improving the quality of Primus Line's processes and structures, and thus also our products and services.

Quality management extends into all departments and is rooted holistically in the company. It begins with top management in management issues such as corporate goals, continues with aspects such as supplier and personnel qualification, and then moves on to the area of product development and the creation of products and services, and finally to customer satisfaction analysis.

Together with the various process owners, I therefore regularly review our process descriptions and work instructions. Thus, document control is an important part of my duties because it is closely linked to everything.

To execute internal and to accompany external audits is also part of my activities.

All this is performed according to the PDCA cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act. Also the standard follows this structure.

So you are in contact with all departments of the company?

Exactly. I am cooperating with everybody in our company, ranging from top management up to individual employees in various departments – this is what makes my tasks so interesting and versatile. Since we have such a young and at the same time highly qualified team, I really enjoy working with my colleagues. Communication is easy and unbureaucratic, right up to the management.

How do you actually get into quality management?

You can get in from various departments of any company. At that time, I had decided on the TÜV Süd Akademie as my educational institution. The training there is modular in three stages, each consisting of 40 hours of advanced training: First as QM specialist, then as QM representative and finally as QM auditor. In addition, I have also completed a further training course to become a quality manager.

Quality management (QM) and quality assurance (QA) are frequently used as synonyms – can you explain us the difference?

QA and QM are closely interlinked, but have different focal points: Our colleagues in quality assurance are operationally active in the core processes. They tests our products before, during and after production.

Is Primus Line certified according to other standards apart from DIN EN ISO 9001?

Yes, our integrated management system consists of five standards: The environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001, the energy management system DIN EN ISO 50001, the occupational safety management system DIN ISO 45001, the SCCP (Safety Certificate Contractors for Petrochemicals) and of course the already mentioned DIN EN ISO 9001.

Last question:  What makes you so enthusiastic about the product Primus Line®?

It is a great, innovative product from my home region. I am particularly convinced by the sustainability aspect of this trenchless technology. That is why I work here with great pleasure and a clear conscience.

Thank you very much, Susanne.

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