From the Marketing Department: Primus Line on the international agenda

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Lisa-Ann Rädlinger is head of the marketing department of the Werner Rädlinger Group and is thus also responsible for the brand identity of Primus Line. With her entry into the family business, the third generation is now on board.


In the last 20 years since the company was founded, the Primus Line® brand has enormously developed - from an unknown newcomer to an internationally established top product. Like the product, the marketing department has also developed during this time, always with the aim of advancing the trenchless rehabilitation technology Primus Line®.

The foundation of Rädlinger primus line GmbH in 2001 with an international field of application required a strong brand that would establish itself worldwide in the minds of network operators, engineering offices, construction companies, etc. The marketing department therefore faced the task of developing a marketing strategy for Primus Line®. The marketing plan followed the vision of the managing director.

Over the years, a strong team was formed from the initial duo. Today, the marketing department consists of seven employees who handle marketing projects of all kinds in-house for worldwide application. Short-term needs of colleagues or urgent enquiries from clients can thus be handled in minimum time.

As the central department of the family-run, traditional company, marketing is active for all four companies of the Werner Rädlinger Group, which operate in a wide variety of industries.

In marketing, too, we always work in a solution-oriented manner. While as a manufacturer and installation partner in the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) we are addressing the network operators directly, we are acting as a partner of our trained and licensed international installation companies. Here, we take over the lobbying for our customers, trying to bring our CO2-saving and sustainable technology permanently on the end customers' agenda. We always wish to represent our customer's interests and work on individual, tailored-to-the-market marketing concepts. A functioning communication between sales, customer and marketing ensures the quick identification of needs and realisation of solutions. All in the interest of our customers and partners.

Of course, we are also actively searching contact with network operators, engineering offices and installation partners, primarily at trade fairs of all types and sizes. In the course of time, the use of digital means has gained increasing importance throughout the entire group, including the marketing department. Instead of trade fairs, events and live demo shows, currently webinars, training videos and informative social media contributions are part of daily to-dos.

Direct contact with our customers and partners is always our top priority. For we at Primus Line consider ourselves a big family - and a family communicates. That is our understanding of marketing!

If you are a Primus Line customer and need support with your marketing activities or require specific materials, please get in touch with your sales contact orLisa-Ann Rädlinger.

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