Hybrid installation training for partners in Taiwan

The success of Primus Line® as reliable system for trenchless rehabilitation is not only based on its innovative technology, but also on the support by our engineering and design team. During the pandemic, the team has even intensified its focus on training and supporting authorised installers around the globe. Experienced Primus Line installation experts pass on their skills and know-how to the new members of our global partner network.

This was recently highlighted with our activities in Taiwan. During a period of two days, our Taiwanese partners and our operations team successfully conducted both classroom and practical training. The agenda incorporated many challenges such as the time difference. Moreover, the visual experience had to ensure that all trainees could benefit from the online training .

This training was the perfect interaction of local organisation and preparation, theoretical and practical training. Robert Goletz, Primus Line Lead Pipeline Engineer with more than 13 years of experience in Primus Line® installations, took over the theoretical part: He presented the essential Primus Line® characteristics, design and installation requirements, specifications and various areas of application.

A series of training videos detailing the single steps of a Primus Line installation accompanied the subsequent practical training. Senior Field Supervisor Andrew Porter provided this session sharing his on-site experience with the local partners.

Jeremy Cai, Assistant Manager from our Shanghai office,  was in charge of organisation and preparation on site to assure that everyone felt comfortable with the procedure and that everything was in place prior to the lessons.

To ensure the availability of all necessary items as well as liner and connectors,  tooling and equipment had been airfreighted to Taiwan beforehand.

After days of intensive training, all participants in Taiwan successfully completed the course and were awarded with the authorised installer training certificate. We sincerely welcome them to our growing  “Primus Line family”!

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