Luis Guajardo: New specialist for pressure pipe rehabilitation in Spain and Portugal

With Luis Guajardo, Primus Line gains a specialist for the Spanish and Portuguese water sector. The experienced Spaniard will be available to interested customers and partners as a qualified contact person for the trenchless technology Primus Line®.

The 35-year-old mechanical engineer has been working for almost eleven years in the water sector. During these years, he had the opportunity to talk with many stakeholders within the water and industry sector and in his opinion “Trenchless rehabilitation has experienced great growth in the Spanish and Portuguese markets in recent years, but there is still much to do. We need to become aware of the many benefits of trenchless technologies, especially for pressure pipes. Besides the important cost and time savings, these technologies also do something for the environment, reducing the carbon footprint by up to 95 percent.” 

After obtaining a Master’s degree in “Eco-efficiency and Energy Markets”, he started his career at a leading manufacturer of utility monitoring solutions. For the last nine years, he worked for Mejoras Group, a leading company in the Spanish and Latin American market, offering a large portfolio of equipment and solutions to improve the performance of water networks and to properly maintain water infrastructures.

He was particularly involved in the supply and after-sales service of trenchless rehabilitation technologies for water networks, such as UV or LED systems, traditional inversion systems and consumables, couplings and sealing systems, cutting robots, CCTV inspection systems, etc. 

“I am looking forward to promoting the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation technology of Primus Line in Spain and Portugal. Together with local installation partners, network operators, and consulting engineers, I would like to provide excellent engineered solutions utilising the Primus Line® system”, promises Luis Guajardo.

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