The thing with the loom


What does a loom have to do with Primus Line? Quite simply, the flexible middle layer of the Primus Liner is woven on a giant circular loom made of aramid fibres. The expertise for the development of this production line was acquired through the takeover of the circular loom manufacturer Müller and in the further development of this technology. Paul Piller, Head of Research and Development at Primus Line, reveals more about this.

"Two aspects led to the idea of "Primus Line": Firstly, due to the proximity to the gas industry (a sister company of Rädlinger primus line GmbH today produced gas pressure control systems with), the responsible persons at Rädlinger knew the challenges the latter faced in terms of pipeline rehabilitation. And secondly, after the purchase of the Müller company in Cham, the production of looms was continued and further developed.

When Josef Rädlinger Sr. took over the mechanical engineering company from Hans Müller in 1987, he also acquired the rights to sell the "Müller circular loom", which was an absolute bestseller at the time and was exported all over the world.

Together with the employees taken over, Rädlinger developed this loom technically further. Basically, a completely new generation of circular loom was created and the company management decided to apply for a patent. But in the development process of the loom, there were also defeats, which together with the experience gained from the prototypes led to a powerful machine that produced a tube with a perfect design.

It was recognised that there was enormous potential in the technology and the company went in search of a new market or a new field of application. The idea of "Primus Line" was born.

Thus, the small machine for fire hoses became a high-tech production plant for a liner for trenchless pipe rehabilitation, which extends over several floors. A huge circular loom, which pulls the threads from up to 1200 bobbins and which has to run absolutely error- and interruption-free for optimal product quality.

The Rädlinger circular loom is still sold by Rädlinger primus line GmbH today and the technology is still being enhanced. Even if sales are low due to the cheaper production of tubular goods in the Far East and greater competition compared to the past.

Because the symbiosis of the small circular loom and the large one for Primus Line production is still useful today. Innovations can be easily tested on the small machine in the first step, and knowledge gained from the respective company can be used mutually."


About Hans Müller:

Hans Müller was known as inventor and entrepreneurial personality in Cham. As a master locksmith, he came to Cham from the Ruhr area in 1922 and worked at a spool and bead factory. After his marriage, he continued his wife's quarry business until the end of the Second World War. But as early as the 1920s, Müller began to manufacture the production equipment for it himself. This gave rise to his own engineering company, to which he contributed his technical ideas and with which he developed new machines with international recognition and sales. Among them was the circular loom for the production of fire hoses.

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