Benefits for operators

No matter the reason for a pipeline rehabilitation, as operators you are looking for solutions which interfere as little as possible with your services, people's everyday lives or the environment. Primus Line® addresses the associated challenges with its unique characteristics.



  • Quick recommissioning minimises the time of service interruption.
  • Fast installation with up to 400 m per hour.
  • Savings of up to 50% in areas difficult to access such as river and railroad crossings as well as densely populated areas.
  • As the product is fully manufactured and quality controlled at the factory; no on-site welding, no heating curing, steaming processes are required
  • Flexible pipe relining is less expensive than the traditional open cut method.

Minimal impact on the environment:

  • Low intervention in landscapes and protected areas as the excavation pits have comparably small dimensions.
  • Long insertion lengths of up to 2,500 m reduce the number of construction pits.
  • The flexibility of the Primus Liner reduces the number of construction pits even further.
  • The small environmental footprint helps protect wildlife.
  • Reduced machine deployment leads to less noise and emissions.
  • No disruptions to road, railroad and shipping traffic. 


  • Primus Line® leaves infrastructure intact as it uses already existing host pipes.
  • The No Dig system preserves existing building fabric.
  • With a minimal life expectancy in excess of 50 years, the composite liner minimises further interventions on rehabilitated pipelines.

Improved performance:

  • The wall thickness of only 6 mm maximises the hydraulic capacity in comparison to sliplining, even at a nominal pressure of PN 16.
  • Enhanced flow properties reduce the costs for treatment and pumping.
  • Primus Line® reduces leaks and minimises NRW.
  • Primus Line® helps to prevent of future water main breaks.