Project planning and execution

Primus Line works with engineering firms and network operators around the world to understand their requirements for a specific pipeline renovation project.

Qualified staff can assist in the planning stages of a pipeline renovation project by reviewing the feasibility using the Primus Line system, informing about the scope of work involved in such a project as well as providing an estimated execution time frame and budgetary pricing.

For projects outside the German speaking markets, Primus Line works with more than 80 certified installation partners in over 50 countries. The Primus Line partner companies have undergone a thorough accreditation program making them proficient in the execution of a pressure pipe rehabilitation project and in particular in the installation of the Primus Line® system. Primus Line partners are not only supported in the planning of a renovation project but also receive on-site supervisory assistance in the execution phase of a project.

Making every project a success – whether big or small.

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