Fast and easy deployment

Primus Line® Overland Piping - the solution for navigating challenging terrains effortlessly. Designed to seamlessly adapt to surface irregularities, this innovative piping system simplifies passage through rough and hard-to-reach areas.

One of its key advantages lies in the ease of installation, requiring no heavy equipment. Whether employing a winch, a mini-excavator, or direct installation from a truck, the process significantly reduces the on-site carbon footprint. By eliminating the need for heavy trucks during operation for liquid transport, Primus Line® Overland Piping actively contributes to minimizing CO2 emissions.

Moreover, its installation capabilities extend to environmentally sensitive areas such as bushlands, nature parks, or waterways without causing harm. This environmentally conscious approach ensures minimal disruption, preserving the integrity of these vital ecosystems.

The perfect emergency pipeline

In the event that your current pipeline is compromised by factors such as landslides, floods, or wildfires, the Primus Line® Overland Piping system offers a solution. It allows for the storage of two to four kilometres of flexible pipeline and matching connectors in only one single container. In emergency situations, the flexible and spoolable Primus Line® flexible surface pipe can be installed immediately and - depending on environmental conditions - within an extreme short time frame. Furthermore, it is important to note that the Primus Line® Overland Piping system - depending on the specific type of use and circumstances in each case - has a very long service life.

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