While rehabilitating a pipeline presents many challenges, Primus Line easily mitigates the social and economic impact locally with reduced footprint, smaller crew size and speed of installation.

Long continuous lengths is one of the attributes that distinguish the liner by Primus Line. Up to 2,500 metres can be installed in one pull. Earth work is only needed in a few spots – extensive earth-moving and surface restoration become unnecessary. Installation through existing chambers is possible as well.

Powerful rope winches pull the liner into the existing host pipe between the construction pits with installation speeds of up to 10 metres/min. Several kilometres can be rehabilitated in one workday. These conditions result in speedy recommissioning of pressure pipelines and keep service disruptions to a minimum.

The transport reels are optimized for saving space and thus fit into standardized ISO containers. For backhaul they are fully dismountable. Particularly in international shipment by sea or air freight, the format offers advantages in handling and logistics costs.

The rehabilitation with Primus Line® allows reduction in necessary machinary. Especially in comparison with open trench construction, which relies on large construction machines. The system offers significant fuel savings.

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