Emergency renovation of creek-crossing water main in New Jersey

Pipeline renovations are not always planned long in advance. Often, they have to be executed quickly. This was the case, for example, with a 16-inch HDPE pipe damaged during construction work. The potable water pipe crossed a creek with two 22.5-degree bends on each side and supplied many residential houses in the area of Middletown, New Jersey.

The Primus Line partner National Water Main Company therefore renewed the pipeline, which was only three months old, over a section of 670 feet. A 14-inch medium pressure Primus liner with a permissible operating pressure of 100 PSI was used, which could be provided at short term. In advance, a repair had to be made to the pipeline. The National Water Main Company ground down the inside of the HDPE pipe and laid a short repair line with CIPP. After the repair was completed, a camera inspection revealed that the transition piece at the bends had sharp edges that had to be ground down as well. This was followed by the Primus liner pull-in, which took less than 30 minutes.

Within one day, the entire project was completed and the pipeline was handed over to the client, New Jersey American Water company Inc., for pressure testing and chlorination. The short installation time resulted in little disruption to local customers. Primus Line supported their partner and their client by being available for consultation, providing the contractor with the certification of the installation and taking on the supervisory role on site.

In order to be even better equipped for emergency projects in the future, Primus Line is currently coordinating with distribution partners in the USA to stock Primus Line products locally.

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