Primus Line® relies on a sophisticated, tried-and-tested design and selected raw materials for a particularly long-lasting product.

The modern production facilities unite the robust materials polyethylene (PE), aramid fiber and – if required by the application – thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) into one robust liner.

Combined with the connectors made of cast iron or carbon steel a pull-proof and durable connection between the liner and the existing line network is established. The flange models of the connectors receive a high-quality powder coating that offers additional protection against corrosion.

The liner system has a minimum product life of 50 years. The required extrapolation factors have been established in a series of long-term tests based on DIN 16887 and ISO 9080.

With more than 3,018,400 feet installed during the past 20 years Primus Line® is an established and proven solution for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes.

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