One of the most important aspects in the development of Primus Line® was its reliability.

Every medium has its own set of requirements towards the liner. Depending on the application pipeline material needs to be especially robust and durable or must offer a low permeability.

Primus Line® satisfies these requirements and even surpasses them. Particularly the three-layered composition of the liner contributes immensely to this. The inner layer is customised to the requirements of the medium. Independent thereof the aramid reinforcement ensures the overall stability of the liner even under high operating pressure and the outer layer made of polyethylene (PE) protects against external wear.

The construction of the connectors pays particular attention to a pull-proof connection of the liner. The flange models and the Q-Connector receive an additional powder coating, giving them corrosion protection on all sides.

Continuous quality control measures ensure that all components of Primus Line® leave the production facilities in flawless condition and are able to fulfill their product life of at least 50 years.

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