Self-supporting statics

Based on ISO 11295:2017 Primus Line® is considered an independent pressure pipe liner.

The liner is designed as a new pipe inside the existing pipe. This is rooted in its unique three-layered composition which unites robustness against mechanical forces and a high chemical resistance with a wall thickness of only 6 to 8 millimetres.

Its outer layer of polyethylene (PE) protects the liner from external effects during transport and abrasion during installation.

Depending on the application the inner layer consists of PE or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). It protects the liner from the corrosive effect fluid and gaseous media can have and make it a highly effective corrosion barrier towards the rehabilitated host pipe.

Due to its aramid reinforcement between the inner and outer layer the liner by Primus Line is structurally self-supporting. Time-consuming glueing to the host pipe is completely unnecessary and the liner is able accommodate the operating pressure entirely on its own. The old pipe continues to bear traffic and earth loads.

Based on these properties, a variant of the Primus Line F-Liner was developed that is specially optimised for above-ground use in open terrain and is characterised by even more flexible material. With Overland Piping, lines are created completely independently of existing pipelines.

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