Starting with the choice of raw materials we set high standards and exclusively work with renowned manufacturers. We carefully check all inbound goods for their quality.

Primus Line® is subject to a constant quality control with optoelectronic measuring instruments. They capture all process parameters and allow for a continuous control of consistency and wall thickness of every single layer of the liner. In addition, every production charge receives a batch ID for an unambiguous traceability and undergoes a burst pressure test that reliably determines the maximum operating pressure. The connectors are subject to a thorough visual inspection. Customers receive technical documentation that summarises all results.

Technical rule VP 643, which was developed in cooperation with DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water), together with a factory standard set the quality standard for the production of Primus Line®. An independent external test laboratory monitors the adherence to these quality standards with semi-annual controls. They are the prerequisites for the DVGW type examination certificate.

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