Pressure pipe rehabilitation in the industrial application

Many companies and institutions are dependent on highly productive and reliable pressure pipelines. Limitations to performance or even damage can quickly have a detrimental effect on operational processes.

Under the right conditions rehabilitation can be a worthwhile solution in the industrial sector. As a trenchless system, Primus Line® facilitates a quick installation with little need for space – even in difficult to access locations. The affected line is only out of service for a short time so that operating processes and workflows can continue unhindered during installation.

Primus Line® flexibility is due to its unique material composition of aramid reinforcement, polyethylene and in certain cases thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Primus Line® is particularly suited for these companies and institutions

  • Airports
  • Military bases
  • Chemical plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Paper mills
  • Refineries

Benefits for industrial enterprises with Primus Line®

Safe and reliable

  • Continuous quality control during production
  • No curing, steam treatment or glueing required
  • Installation not subject to changes in weather
  • Extension of service life of at least 50 years

Benefits during installation

  • Little space requirements
  • Minimal machine employment
  • Little disruption to traffic

Technical benefits

  • Installation through multiple bends of up to 90 degrees
  • Thermal expansion of the host pipe or seismic movement without effect on Primus Line®
  • Seamlessly woven aramid reinforcement
  • Custom-made connectors facilitate an optimal connection to the existing pipe network

Cost benefits

  • Short service interruption and fast recommissioning
  • Installation speed of up to 32 feet per minute
  • Up to 8,200 feet at a time
  • Low pre-investment for installation partners
  • Small construction pits and little roadworks

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