Overland Piping

Primus Line® Overland Piping is a technology specifically designed for projects requiring temporary, above-ground piping for demanding and potentially hazardous media.

The lining is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and offers high media resistance, even withstanding contact with aggressive hydrocarbon compounds.

Aramid fabric reinforcement gives Overland Piping an extremely high tensile strength that allows it to withstand even high operating pressures completely on its own.

The TPU cover provides maximum protection against UV radiation and abrasion as well as the necessary flexibility for repeated installations and rewinding of the reusable system.

With these features, it meets even the high requirements for use in ecologically sensitive areas.

Overland Piping is therefore the ideal solution for bypasses. It is quickly ready for use, allows multiple changes of direction during installation and adapts to uneven terrain. Laying lengths of 1,000 metres and more in one piece as well as daily installation performances of up to 6,000 metres are possible.

Handling for installation teams is extremely uncomplicated: they can install the connectors with hand-held tools - without any welding or contact with hazardous material. After use, the system is simply cleaned and rolled up. It is then ready for the next application.

Overland Piping offers great potential for saving CO2 emissions. Even when transporting the system itself, with up to 4,500 metres on one drum, it is very space-saving and resource-saving. As a bypass, it can additionally replace a large number of truck journeys.

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