The yellow thread

Primus Line® is a technology for trenchless pressure pipe rehabilitation. The yellow thread that runs through our product and our image film is the aramid fibre that forms the core of our liner.

Primus Line® explained simply

The Primus Line® system is as simple as it is ingenious - but in order to clearly see its advantages, the installation process must be understood. In this video we show the installation process on a real construction site.

Trenchless rehabilitation with Primus Line® in detail

Let's follow Primus Line® underground! In this animation, we not only show the advantages of trenchless pipe rehabilitation with Primus Line®, but also provide a detailed insight into the installation process.


Project: Syphon in the city centre

Many challenges on not even 50 metres - and Primus Line was the solution. In Velké Meziříčí, our partner Trasko BVT s.r.o. carried out its first Primus Line project. The line had been out of service for five years after a pipe burst, as the owner had no way to rehabilitate it.

Project: First installation at home

Although on the market for more than 20 years and in use worldwide, the rehabilitation of a pressure pipeline took place for the first time at the home town of Rädlinger primus line GmbH in 2023: In Cham, a 260 metre long drinking water pipeline was rehabilitated with the Primus Line® system.

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Project: Overland Piping in France

Rehabilitation of a brine pipeline without interrupting operation: The bypass with Primus Line® Overland Piping ensures the brine supply to the plant during the rehabilitation of the pipeline section.

Project: Gas pipeline in the middle of Zurich

Wehntalerstrasse is one of Zurich's lifelines: what to do when a gas pipeline running under it reaches the end of its service life? Preventive rehabilitation with Primus Line® was the optimal solution in this case - because it has hardly any impact on residents and traffic.

Project: One kilometre of water pipeline in one piece

This rehabilitation of a pipeline with Primus Line® in beautiful Dießen am Ammersee was completed in just eight days - with a pipeline length of 1,025 metres!

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