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For our high quality standards Managing Director Werner Raedlinger gives a thumbs up. Primus Line is Made in Germany from development to production to project planning - and in demand around the world thanks to high standards.

The idea and comprehensive development of the Primus Line® technology originated in Germany and to this day our "Research and Development" team at the headquarters in Cham, Bavaria, is working on new and further developments for other areas and purposes.

The production of Primus Line® is also exclusively carried out in Germany. The factory, which was planned and built especially for this purpose, offers optimal production conditions. During the entire manufacturing process Primus Line® is also subject to constant quality control with optoelectronic measuring tools. In addition, an external test laboratory strictly monitors compliance with the guidelines for obtaining the DVGW type approval certificate in semi-annual inspections. After each production batch, Primus Line uses various test methods to guarantee the highest quality standards.

The technology is distributed from our five locations in Germany, Australia, Canada, China and the USA, so that projects are realized with Primus Line on all continents. In order to be able to ensure the best quality here as well, we work together with specially trained and certified installation companies, who can count on comprehensive support from our technical experts during the project planning phase, among other things.

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