More than 500 attendees in seven webinars in three different languages

When the coronavirus pandemic started more than one and a half years ago, people were even more confronted with new forms of communication: Video conferences and team chats all of a sudden replaced real-life or telephonic contacts – personal meetings shifted to virtual space.

After the first familiarisation phase, the Primus Line team came to the conclusion that online cooperation and communication worked fine: They enabled location-independent meetings which increased efficiency and decreased travel costs. So why not bringing the worldwide Primus Line family together via these new channels?

The team of Primus Line international finally decided to use video conferences to keep in touch with (potential) customers and partners and to inform them about a particular type of application: Using Primus Line® for the rehabilitation of sewer rising mains (SRM) presented in a webinar. Which then resulted in a series of webinars on this special topic, at different dates and times and in different languages to cover all time zones and continents. More than 500 attendees joined the seven SRM webinars in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The topic seems to have struck a nerve and the webinars resulted in quite numerous specific inquiries and even projects.

A new webinar series called “Building Bridges” has meanwhile come into life. Every month, Primus Line interlink their installation partners with other industry experts from around the globe so that the partners can benefit from the experts’ knowledge and experience. The next webinar will take place in July, see tip below.

And also the Primus Line oil and gas team has started own webinars, showcasing specific industrial solutions like firefighting mains, jetty pipelines or gathering pipelines.

What is the bottom line after experiences from six months of webinars? Online events and meetings cannot replace the direct, personal contact in real-life, interactions or 1-to-1 talks. Particularly for innovative products such as Primus Line® which you would like to see, touch and feel. However, virtual meetings, webinars and hybrid training sessions are an important complement to the overall mix and will be continued even after the pandemic bringing together interested persons independently of the location.

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